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The future of people power

One of the most promising scientific advances of the future is something you might call people power. Essentially, it’s using newfangled materials to harness kinetic energy generated by movement of almost any kind. Go for a jog and your movement will create energy that can be used to power devices. Perhaps you would never have to charge your iPod because it would happen while you were jogging! Just imagine the revolutionary impact of a technology like that. People in third world countries could suddenly leap to the first world with such a low cost energy source available to them. It would be breathtaking and invaluable. It would upset oil-producing countries, no doubt, but this is the future and science is going to enlighten us to the possibilities. Even movements like water flowing through a pipe can become a source of energy, which should take your breath away if you think about it.

The world advances as technology advances

People are programmed to think selfishly; it’s about self-preservation more than anything else. You have to consider yourself before others so you can stay alive to tend to the needs of others. However, on a large scale, if you think globally you’ll see that when everyone else benefits that you likely benefit too. That’s why the closing of the technological gap is going to be such an amazing thing. If you give everyone access to a worldwide communication network you give them better education and put pressure on those that lead them to do their jobs honestly. Education and information are the keys to greater success and the struggling countries around the world will see their fortunes rise as the number of mobile devices increases. As the number of educated and successful people around the world increases we all benefit since more money flows into the worldwide economy.

Prevent car accidents using EEG technology

When you need to stop your car immediately your brain sends a signal to your legs and you hit the brakes. However, even the fastest response to that signal from your brain is usually too slow to prevent something terrible from happening if it’s right in front of you. That’s where technology steps in. Using EEG technology scientists have been able to help a car break much earlier, something that would prevent accidents. Instead of your legs having to interpret the signal from your brain the car will do it for you, bypassing the body’s system that is often too slow. The car brakes earlier and in many cases a tragic accident can be avoided. So far the results show that braking distance has been increased by roughly four meters (about 13 feet). That’s enough to prevent or lessen the damage of almost any accident.

Have you heard of electronic paper?

LG has recently shown off a prototype of what is called electronic paper. It looks a whole lot like a piece of paper and it’s actually flexible like a piece of paper but it’s an electronic device that can be used to display text. If you see the video or pictures of people using it you’ll be blown away. It’s a TFT with metal foil layered over the top that allows it flexibility and durability while displaying the text. Imagine being able to read the paper or flip through a magazine without getting newsprint on your fingers or having to throw anything out.

The possibilities for electronic paper are endless and will go a long way towards helping the environment. Consider that there will be much less paper waste if this becomes widespread. Consider that more trees will stay up, filling the air with more oxygen and perhaps reversing some of the damage we’ve done to the environment. What a treat that would be.

Taking salt out of ocean water is a big deal

It seems like a simple thing but there’s a big future in ocean desalination and it’s more important than you might think. There are great fears that extended droughts around the world will put a squeeze on certain areas and make them much harder to live. There are actually places in the world where drinking water is hard to come by. If the technology to make ocean desalination cheaper comes along you can count on those problems going away.

Ocean desalination is already a thing but it’s just too darn expensive to be widespread. When that cost comes down everything changes and all of a sudden you’re looking at water for everyone. The water could be sold cheaper or given away to those in need. It could be used to grow more crops to feed the hungry. The possible benefits are widespread and fantastic.

Transparent batteries will look super cool

It’s not a technological innovation that will have hugely useful implications (I don’t think, at least) but the idea of transparent batteries is pretty cool and will make future handheld devices look awesome. That means you can have completely transparent iPods and such (and whatever amazing technological devices are developed in the future, for that matter).

The battery will be more powerful and transparent, giving it all kinds of uses. These batteries actually exists so it shouldn’t be long before a device is released that is entirely clear and beautiful. It’s a simple technological advance but it should be interesting and amazing and yet another confirmation that science is capable of great things when given the chance to shine. You have to love that someone wanted to create this, too.

The future of individualized mind reading devices

Imagine if you could think something and have a device recognize your though and act on it. The potential applications for something like that leave scientists and tech nerds around the world drooling. The first place they’ll likely be utilized is for paralyzed and otherwise unable to speak or move people. Imagine the difference it would make for someone with that condition if all they had to do was think to make things happen around them. Amazing! A mind reading device isn’t as simple as you might think though. No two brains are the same so it would be a challenge to ensure that each brain could work with the device. That’s why scientists have to come up with some way to teach the device how your brain works. It’s a problem that’s currently being worked on and considering that this technology already works in a minor way for video games you can count on it being developed further.

The amazing potential for nano devices and nano batteries

Nano devices are the wave of the future if scientists can discover a way to deliver power to them. Imagine a patient with heart problems that the doctors don’t want to cut open for fear of making those problems worse. Now imagine they simply inject a nano device into him and have it cruise through the heart to do all the diagnostic work without issue (a nano device is smaller than a human hair so there would be no risk of damage).

That’s a possibility in the future but to make it happen a power source is needed for those nano devices so they can be independent. That power source is coming in the form of nano batteries. They’ll have technological and scientific benefits far beyond medical practices, too. In fact, the possibilities are limitless with nano devices and that should excite everyone, not just fans of technology.

Biometic security breakthroughs thanks to science and technology

Identity theft and other password related security problems are huge issues in the information age and they can all be solved with greater technological and scientific advances in biometric security. Those advances are coming and they may very well be tied to your handheld device in the future.

Imagine stepping up to an ATM to withdraw cash and using your phone to scan your eyes and thumbprint and then simply being able to take the money out without using a card or PIN. Face recognition might come into too and at some point it’s going to be impossible for someone to get to your ATM money or any other security areas in your life without a great deal more effort, thus making it far less likely that you’ll suffer any issues of that nature. Technology is a wonderful thing and it will make our lives better.

Stem cells will be used to heal in the future

Did you know that stem cells were recently used to grow a human heart? Heck yes! Several years back the heart of a rat was grown using stem cells and now that same team has done it again, this time with a human heart, thus exciting the science community. Can you imagine no longer having to wait for a heart transplant or having to wear a pacemaker and limit your movements for fears that your heart will basically explode?

A fully functioning, exceptionally healthy human heart will be available to you at some point in the future (probably the distant future) thanks to the amazing advances of science and technology. Stem cell advances aren’t going to be limited to just the heart, either. It stands to reason that almost any part of the body could be regenerated and you know it’s going to happen.